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When it comes to countertops, there are several materials that you can choose from.  We have highlighted the most popular choices below as well as the benefits of each.  We have hundreds on samples in our showroom to choose from. Being within 3 miles from Kansas City's slab importers, it makes it easy to see all of the options available for your space. 


Needing countertops for a smaller area?  Come in and see our large selection of remnant slabs.  These are ideal for vanities, laundry rooms, tabletops, and more.

remnants 2.jpg


Granite countertops are the material of choice for most homeowners.  With colors ranging from cream to black, this durable surface makes it ideal for a kitchen setting.  Testing done by the Marble Institute of America shows granite's ability to provide high stain, heat, and absorption resistance.  Most granite is quarried in India and Brazil.



Quartz is an engineered product from modern to traditional styles, quartz has been growing in popularity in residential areas. Many consumers love the marble patterned ops since they give the feel of marble but not the maintenance. Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors and is especially appealing to those wanting true white countertops.



Marble has long been admired for it's timeless and classic presence.  Mainly quarried in Spain and Italy, this material adds sophistication to any space.  We recommend honing marble since the calcite crystals make polished marble susceptible to etching.  Marble is a softer stone than granite so it can scratch and stain.  We ask to exercise caution when wanting to use marble in the kitchen due to these characteristics.



Soapstone is known for it's old world style in a kitchen.  Often paired with white subway tile, soapstone is found in charcoal and green tones and features white veins.  Soapstone can be enhanced with mineral oil which will darken the stone.  Mineral oil will need to be reapplied over time to keep the darker coloring.  Being a softer material, it can scratch but many times the homeowner can use fine grit sandpaper to buff out the scratch and then re-oil the area.  Many consumers love the "worn" look of soapstone and embrace dents and scratches.



Onyx is a rare natural stone that is a favorite due to its translucent qualities. Often people choose to backlight the countertop for a glowing look. Onyx is suited for those wanting an exotic look but is not known for its durability as its is a softer material. It can scratch easily and react to acid substances so extra care must be taken to achieve this beautiful look. Its is best to use as an accent piece. 



Quartzite is a natural stone derived from the earth. It's formed beneath the earth's surface when quartz-rich sandstone is altered through high pressure and temperature, then mined and cut into slabs. Quartzite slabs have a sightly coarser feel desirable to those who prefer countertops with a more organic look and feel. Quartzite is among the highest end of countertops and is certainly a showstopper.  

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